• McGurk effect   Perhaps the best demonstration of visual information affecting auditory processing.  A classic example of sensory integration in the speech domain, this example helped inspire my work exploring the role of visual information in music perception.

  • Diana Deutsch's Phantom Words An interesting exploration of the ways in which the brain attempts to find "meaning" in our physical world
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  • Speech music mp3 Skeptical about the link between speech and music?  Check out this fascinating example blurring the line.
  • The fundamental frequency of speech from a phone conversation is doubled on the piano, which then serves as the melody for a jazz composition!

  • Humdrum  A fascinating tool for automated analysis of music.

  • ThemeFinder  A useful tool for looking up themes from a variety of musical works.

  • Preserving Your Hearing - a short demonstration of the dramatic ways in which hearing loss affect speech and music.  Very-important information for percussionists, especially those who also frequently use iPods or other personal listening devices. 

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